When you are dealing with a damaged or broken iPad, you want a repair service that will do quality work quickly. We aim to get every iPad diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible so you can get back to business as usual.

Visit a mkr professionals Repairs location if your iPad screen is cracked or you are experiencing problems due to water damage, charging port malfunctions or unknown causes.


When your iPad is exposed to water, minerals begin to form on interior hardware like the logic board and can cause the device to glitch, shut down randomly or just stop working completely.

Our water damage diagnostic checks your iPad for mineral levels and signs of corrosion. From there we clean the logic board components before changing out the damaged battery for a new one.


When you scratch or shatter the screen on your iPad it is not only annoying, but it also less than ideal to face the expensive proposition of a new iPad or Apple replacement screen. Instead of spending hundreds at an official retailer, visit our store. Our iPad screen replacements are expertly done and affordable.

Our technicians will carefully remove and replace the broken screen, all glass fragments, the digitizer and LCD if necessary. And each of these replacement services can often be done the same day.


When your iPad won’t charge there are a number of potential problems that could be to blame. If you have tried rebooting the device, changing the wall outlet and checked the charging cable for tears with no success, then bring it in so one of our technicians who can perform a free diagnostic test for you.